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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the investigation cost?

Every case is different There are many variables involved in each case. Determining the fee for a particular investigation is estimated after a free consultation. After we understand your particular situation, ask you some relevant questions, and understand your goals we will be able to give you a quote. We aim to accommodate all of our clients and their budgets. There are many affordable options.

When will my Investigation begin?

Once you have decided to retain Leonard Curcio Private Investigations, your case will start immediately.

Do I get updates or reports so I know what is going on with my case?

We maintain close contact with our clients at their discretion. We provide frequent status reports and access to updates via phone. After your case is completed you will be provided with a final report of investigation, which is a detailed report that contains all the pertinent evidence and information that has been uncovered for your case. We prepare the reports in an evidentiary manner for use in court if needed. You will also receive all materials, video, and pictures that have been obtained.

Will I Get Evidence Photography, Pictures or Video?

Pictures and video are considered physical evidence. We will attempt to provide you with as much physical evidence combined with eyewitness testimonies. While most clients desire photos, pictures or videos, any of the three will offer the necessary evidence you need to prove your case. We will make every effort possible to obtain video. We shoot evidentiary video, but we never compromise the integrity of the case, which is paramount.

Can you guarantee the results?

Unfortunately there is no agency that can guarantee results and it is illegal for us to do so as per our licensing laws. It is impossible to predict what any investigation will uncover prior to immersing ourselves into the case. Any agency making claims of guaranteeing results is not being straightforward with you. We make every effort to utilize all of our experience and resources to solve your case.

My attorney says I don't need an investigator. Can he handle everything?

There are times when you don't need the services of a private investigator. However, if you suspect your partner is cheating, you need evidence to prove it. Attorneys are not investigators and do not gather evidence. They simply present the evidence that you collect in court. When one party of a civil domestic suit has evidence collected by a unbiased licensed private investigator it removes the "he said" "she said" out of the court room. This generally will make an "out of court settlement" more likely and save you a considerable amount of time and money. We would never conduct an investigation that we know would not be beneficial to your case. If you need help in determining if our services will benefit you a consultation is the best way to find out. Furthermore, most reputable attorneys will use or recommend the services of a private investigator.